Repurposed & Refurbished Antiques & Home Décor

One of a kind unique Repurposed or Refurbished, Refinished Antique pieces

Did you know?

Refurbished or Refinishing gives new life to a priceless antique.  Many antiques were made from old growth trees and extremely hard woods, and are therefore considerably higher in quality than the woods used today. In some cases, an antique may have been made out of a wood that is no longer permitted to be logged, exported, or used at all. In even rarer cases, an antique may be made out of a wood that is now extinct. Antiques from such woods are exquisite rarities, and they are extraordinarily valuable, regardless of their condition.

Refinishing extends the life of a superior piece of furniture. A piece of furniture that is built today will not be made of solid wood. Instead, composite board, plywood, along with plastic, vinyl, and other lower quality materials, all of which will depreciate far more rapidly than your antique of solid wood. Solid wood furniture is exponentially more durable and better crafted, and refinishing it will give you several more decades with it.

Do you have an antique family heirloom piece of furniture and the finish is worn and needs refinishing or just doesn’t go with your décor?  Do you envision a piece of furniture with a certain color that you want for your home décor?

Our knowledgeable staff has experience in refinishing Furniture along with refurbishing and repurposing home décor such as lamps, shelves, wine racks, vases, frames, furniture and so much more. Please look at our “ Repurposed & Refurbished Antiques & home décor page” you will see our talented experienced staffs gorgeous transformations.

Whether we are Refurbishing or repurposing antique furniture or home décor our staff’s hand painting expertise, stenciling, and master coloring technique used with professional products; Annie Sloan Chalk paint, and pro stain, will always make each piece unique and no two are ever alike.

By refinishing and adding that special color along with different hand painting techniques we achieve different finished looks and textures.  Because there is a lot of individual hand work involved and no two strokes are ever the same when doing refinished, repurposed, modern home décor, vintage or antique décor pieces your true result is a unique one of a kind piece that enhances any room while adding that special touch to your home.  We can take a well-worn antique piece of furniture and refinish it to extend the life of a classic treasure while giving new life to a priceless antique.  When friends and family come to your home it will be a focus point and they will want to know where they can get such a unique piece which makes refinished and repurposing home décor so much fun. Consequently, our prized customers show their pleasure with our work in two ways one by referrals and then by returning to us to purchase additional items and or custom pieces, which is a testament to the quality of our work.

We love discovering and searching for Antiques.  If you are looking for a specific vintage collectible or antique, or want custom work do not hesitate to contact us.  Our customer service department is outstanding and more than willing to help you just ask and we will be glad to see if we have what you are looking for.

Pastimes Decor Refurbished & Repurposed Antiques & Home Decor

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