Metalware " Brass,Copper, pewter, wrought iron, tin, gold"

Antique Metalware Brass & Copper for Sale

Customers search for online for antique metalware antique brass items.  People also look for antique brass candlesticks, vintage brass vases, and copper pots.  Antique vintage metalware can add unique design to your decor.  We offer a large assortment of vintage and antique metalware at our Online Antique Store.

A truly unique piece in our shop is this one of a kind Brass Greek Goddess Door Knocker. Won’t your visitors be in awe of this door knocker when they arrive at the front door?!

We have had many rare items in the past to include sad irons with chimneys that were from the 1800’s.  These irons didn’t stay long!  We are hoping to add more of these irons in the near future.

We would be glad to assist you in your quest if you have a specific metalware item you are searching for.  Just contact us with details.

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