Crackle Glass Hand Blown Amber Pitcher

This Vintage Crackle Glass Hand Blown Amber Pitcher with Clear handle is available at our Online Antique Store.  This Crackle Glass Hand Blown Amber Pitcher stands out in amber color. This is a great addition for anyone’s antique handblown crackle glass collection.

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Crackle Glass

Crackle glass is very unique.  It is also known as Craquelle glass, ice glass, and overshot glass.  In the 16th Century the Venetian Glass Makers invented this process. While it was hot the the glass would be immersed in cold water which would cause the crackling of the glass. The glass would then be reheated and could be molded or hand blown into whatever shape was wanted. The cracks in the glass would be sealed with the reheating process. Surprisingly the inside of the glass is smooth to the touch. Some glass makers are still using the same methods today.

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