Mosaic Glass on Glass Wall Art

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Mosaic Glass on Glass Art

with Wrought Iron Stand

Mosaic Art with Finch Bird

This hand made Mosaic Glass on Glass Art can be displayed in the wrought iron stand.  The customer can also hang the mosaic glass on glass art on the wall.  Customers will find this mosaic glass art with gorgeous colors and all the finest details shining through.  Glass on glass mosaic is truly a beauty for everyone who loves birds along with the natural beauty of the outdoors.  White black, brown, gray and blue colors are full and vibrant on the finch.

This mosaic plaque background has natural colors with green, ivory.  Also white along with black branches with cathedral red holly berries.  A one of a kind handmade mosaic plaque decoration.  It is truly remarkable. Mosaic glass is stunning and adds great detail to this design.  It will NOT need to be placed in front of a window to see the vibrant colors shining through.  You can place this finch bird mosaic art anywhere in your home to enjoy its beauty!


Additionally, handmade mosaic is a piece of art or image made from the assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials.  Because the surface is decorated with designs made up of closely set, usually variously colored, small pieces of material.  The material can be stone, mineral, glasstile, or shell in order to make Mosaic art. Unlike inlay, in which the pieces to be applied are set into a surface.  Furthermore, the materials are hollowed out to receive the design. Mosaic pieces are then applied onto a surface.  The artist works diligently on the mosaic glass on glass art.  As a result, the artist take a good amount of time and loves making each one unique!

The Customer service representatives carefully examine every item and take several photos.  If you have any questions regarding an item, please feel free to contact us.  Each item is securely packed for shipping.  This ensures that your item will arrive in pristine condition.  Visit Our Online Antique Store for more rare treasures!




Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 x 10 in

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