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Antique Perfume Bottles & Antique Vanity Sets

Are you looking for a special antique perfume bottle?  Also, perhaps you would like a Victorian vanity mirror, brush and comb?  Because people are searching for these items our Online Antique Store has many unique antique pieces.  These  include perfume bottles, grooming items, brushes and comb sets.  Many people collect antique perfume bottles.  There are many styles such as Victorian and Art Deco perfume bottles.  Customers may search for antique brush and comb sets with handheld mirrors.  Some of these sets have celluloid backing, brass backing and even wood backing.   These items are one of a kind and will add a unique flair to your decor.

This lovely Vintage Art Deco Crystal Glass Perfume Bottle with Fan Stopper would be a beautiful addition to your vanity.  It would be gorgeous to display on this Vintage Art Deco Vanity Mirror with Filagree detail.

If there is something special you are searching for please contact us.  We would be happy to assist you in your quest.

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