Creamer and Sugar Bowl

Vintage Creamer & Sugar Bowl glassware

Shop a wide selection on sale of Vintage depression glass creamer, vintage Sugar Bowls in a variety of colors, materials and styles to fit your home. We have great prices on vintage creamer and sugar sets.   Vintage amber glass, vintage cobalt blue glass, vintage ruby glass, vintage pink depression glass are just a few from our selection of vintage Sugar Bowls & Creamer sets for sale.

Pink and green Depression glass, sometimes called watermelon glass because of the color combination.

Popular in the 1920s and ’30s, the bicolored glassware has become scarce. Partly because not much was made, compared to other types of depression glass, and because of its fragility.

Collectors consider it to be Elegant Glass, compared to the quality and cheaper wares that were available then. Generally the glasses have a pink bowl with a green or pink stem and green foot. Other items, such as pitchers and sugar bowls and creamers, have a pink or green body with handles of the opposite color.

They were made in just a few shapes: stemware, pitchers, sugar and creamer sets, and vases.  Some were etched, usually with floral patterns. The color shading varied from a pale, watery green to almost fluorescent, and pale to deep pink.

Companies that made watermelon glass included the Louie, Weston, and West Virginia Specialty, all located in West Virginia. Tiffin , Standard , Cambridge, U.S., McDonald Works,Fry Glass Company all from Pennsylvania.

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