Green vintage glassware

Green vintage glassware

Popular Vintage Fire King Colors

The most well-known of all the styles of Fire King products made by the Anchor Hocking Company is the world-famous Jade-ite style. The heavy, opaque green glass came in a variety of styles that have become increasingly hard to find due to immense demand.

Coffee mugs, butter dishes, mixing bowls and heavy dishware were all molded in this bold style. Molded solid glass patterns in the Jade-ite style are some of the prettiest feats of craftsmanship on the market.  Alice, Shell and the extremely rare beaded mixing bowls.

While the incredibly popular, opaque green glass run of Jade-ite is by far the most recognized line of Fire King kitchenware pieces in the ‘wild,’ it is most certainly not the only option available. In fact, the styles outside the Jade-ite run of kitchenware are some of the rarest pieces on the market and at estate sales today.


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