Vintage Compotes

Customers search for unique antique compotes.  We offer antique and vintage compotes as well as ornate compotes.  The compote can be made of glass, lead glass, crystal and even colored glass.

There are 2 kinds of Compotes, a Covered Compote and a True Open Compote. The True Open Compote, having a ruffled or fluted top, was intended originally to hold fresh fruit. The Covered Compote was for anything that had a liquid, such as a fruit salad, stewed peaches or rhubarb, etc. This lid was essential, as it was before screening in windows was invented. Modern uses for the compotes are many, including the original purposes. Compotes are used for serving breads, mashed potatoes, salads, cookies, squares, and much more.

The customer will be happy to know that each item is carefully inspected and photographed.  Therefore, the customer has all information regarding the product before making a purchase.

We carefully pack each item and ship it in a timely fashion.  Please visit our Online Antique Store to view more of our exquisite finds!

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